The Fiscal Integrity Act was enacted on March 23, 2015.
The purpose of the law is to help deter accounting errors
and fraud with increased training requirements and a
new removal process for fiscal officers.

Newly Elected Fiscal Officers

  • 6 hours of initial education courses before commencing their term in office or within the first year in office
  • An additional 18 hours of continuing education courses before the end of their first term in office (If the township fiscal officer is appointed to fill a vacancy, the total hours for training will be based on the amount of time left in the unexpired term.)

Re-Elected Fiscal Officers

  • 12 hours of continuing education courses before the end of each subsequent term in office

Hired Fiscal Officers

  • Some fiscal officers are hired, or on a permanent appointment. Hired officers are considered an “incumbent” and also required to have 12 hours of training over four years. Consider the “term” on the same dates as an elected fiscal officer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours of training are required if I am appointed to a position midterm?
The database calculates the prorated number of hours needed based on the months left in the term.